Beautifully thriving life

Beautifully thriving life

Take a moment to consider our naturally designed state of being; like the love, happiness and curiosity of a toddler. You see, we are created in love, therefore; we are love. As an adult, we must learn to let go of the past, so we can look forward with “fresh eyes”… to love and nurture our beautiful thriving life.

Human nature allows us to get stuck in old habits and viewpoints long after they quit serving us. However, we do not have to stay in the same mindset. We are free to cultivate new thoughts and ideas at any time and at any age. We all know men and women who have the spirit and enthusiasm of the very young, we also know people who act and think in the reverse. Why are we fearful of change? Perhaps, it’s the fear of the unknown, a lack of self-confidence or just not knowing what we don’t know.

Who will you be?

The choice is always available to us and we can choose as often as we wish. Ask yourself, “How will I show up today? What are my intentions?” What a relief to know that our old thoughts and resentful feelings of today, when rooted in nourishing love and compassion for ourselves are able to reinvented. Through these reinvented thoughts and feelings we are able to create whomever we want to see in the mirror.

I will open my eyes to whatever I choose to see today, and yesterday’s experiences have only the power I do—or don’t—give them.

My personal story has been one of many rebirths. I grew up in a broken home with many life-altering experiences through childhood and into adulthood.

I was searching for a place to belong to feel loved which lead me to marry young and divorce the same man twice. That event lead me to the multi-role job of a single mother with two wonderful girls. Days after the nest was officially empty, I am blessed to have found new love and have recently remarried.

Change is our destiny

I consider myself lucky to have had my father who would tell me “You are able to do anything you put my mind to.”

Professionally I have chosen to reinvent myself a few times. As a young woman, I managed a mobile food service business with 20-25 employees. I switched gears to work in the salon industry as a sales consultant. Next up, I earned my real estate license in 2008 and started selling homes part-time in addition to my salon construct still.

Then, I decided a couple of years ago to take the leap into a full-time real estate career.  My heart is so full today because helping people find the right home is incredibly rewarding.

This is what I know for sure: Where ever you want to go – you can,
What ever you think you can do – you will.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t change. Life = change. It’s not a magic trick, it is simply your will. Your thoughts become your words, become your actions, become your reality.

A beginners mind and living in curiosity will allow you to experience each moment with fresh eyes.

You are uniquely and wonderfully made!

You are uniquely and wonderfully made!

What does unique mean? By definition, there is only one, there is no other. Isn’t that incredible? I mean think about it. You were created to be…you! Even if you are a twin, they are not you!

So why is it then, that we, as women, can’t accept and appreciate our uniqueness? Why can’t we look at ourselves and say, “hey, I’m pretty awesome”? We tell others that, but we don’t believe it for ourselves. We covet, we want to look and be like others. I can’t tell you how many times people say to me, “When I get a body like yours, I’ll be done trying to get fit.” Why would you want a body like mine? Why wouldn’t you strive to be the best YOU can be instead of trying to be like someone else??

You are wonderful!

You are the perfect balance of you. We are born perfect and we allow others to make us believe we are less than perfect, therefore we are no longer wonderful to ourselves. This madness has to stop! Self-destruction is unnecessary and unacceptable!

I was raised in a little town, Greenwich, Ohio. My father came from Germany and my mother came from Pennsylvania. As with any little town, there were cliques, which made it difficult to fit in. In my mind, I was so different from other kids. We didn’t seem to have much money, so my dad fixed everything. Instead of us getting a new piece of furniture, like I saw other kids getting, my dad would refinish it and reupholster it.

We never had a new car and took a lot of handouts, including a microwave that had the three buttons on the bottom.  We lived in a trailer that sat on a tiny lot. The only thing I had going for me was the neighborhood football game because the water tower was in my backyard and that yard was huge! That is where I became quarterback princess, because daddy taught me how to throw a football better than any boy.

I grew up being different or unique from other girls, or so it seemed to me.

I never felt accepted. Kids picked on me and bullied me. “Bubble butt” was my nick name, one of the meanest things I heard as a child. I wasn’t your typical girl. I loved to play football and watch it for hours. I loved to play fast and slow pitch softball and one of my favorite places was hanging out in the woods or climbing trees. I did the boy stuff.

It was hard for me to find my place in the world, where I belonged. It was hard for me to accept that I was unique. My thoughts and abilities were different, but it was ok. I just didn’t realize it.

Turning 40 was an important age for me.

I learned how to accept who I was. Notice I said “accept who I was.” I came to realize that I am not a typical female. I am not crazy about shoes, sweaters, painting my nails, (toenails of course so they look good when I kick). My idea of dressing up is blue jeans, boots and a sweater or a jean jacket. When I go shopping, I gravitate toward the training clothes every time I walk into Tj Maxx. As a matter of fact, I am just not used to dressing up. I’m just not a girlie girl.

My favorite thing to do is lift heavy things, spar (controlled karate fighting), punch, kick and practice kata. Not the normal thing women like to do. I love to teach hard-style, showing how to move from one place to another in the fastest hardest way. I am passionate about improving people in their daily life, making their life better by improving strength, mobility and flexibility.

Personally, I never liked myself…

I didn’t like how I looked. I had a bigger butt than most, I have Vitiligo (a loss of pigment in my skin), my feet stick out when I walk. I have adult acne at 46 years old. My nails don’t grow. Guess I’ll stop there. My point is, it’s all OK! I have accepted all of these things in me. I don’t necessarily like them, but I accept them. They are me, they make me up. I have recently accepted that I am uniquely and wonderfully made!! My uniqueness is mine and I own it. We all have uniqueness and we need to accept it as that, not faults, not errors, not mistakes…uniqueness. Embrace your uniqueness and love who you are.

You are uniquely and wonderfully made, love who you are.