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Permission to Glow and Change

Imagine a first encounter in which someone tells you, “Look at change as a game.”   Cue eye roll.   I needed a minute. You see, I am not one of those people who is always reading self help books and setting new goals. I do not move through life like a...

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New Year, New Perspective

“I want to be a secretary like my mom.” As a child, that was my response every time someone had asked what I wanted my future career to be. Like many children, I aspired for my life to reflect those around me… after all, that was what I knew. Whether I lacked...

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Connect with a mentor

Upon graduating from The Ohio State University, I immediately put my engineering degree to work at IBM as a Marketing Representative. The company was known for its world class sales training. If you worked for IBM, you were regarded as the “best-of-the-best.” And,...


We all need a mentor

In Gloria Vanderbilt’s memoirs, "The Rainbow Comes and Goes," she reflects on the choices she made in her tumultuous life. As she looks back at her younger self, she pens a letter of advice which includes her desire to have had a mentor. Despite her massive wealth...