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Keeping Calm in face of COVID19

Hello Friends, 

With mindful consideration, the team at Mind Body Align has made the decision to cancel all classes and events and close our retail shop until further notice. We believe that through social solidarity we can best prevent the spread of COVID -19 in order to keep our thriving community as healthy and safe as possible. 

We know that for many people this public health situation has created feelings of anxiety, fear, and helplessness. It can be difficult to stay calm during times of uncertainty. We are here to help. Practicing mindfulness either formally or informally can be a way to manage emotions and can help us to focus on gratitude and positivity.

During this time social distancing, it is more important than ever that we stay connected to each other. We have begun to incorporate digital media into our programming so you will have access to our resources from the safety of your home. Through a collaborative community effort, we plan to offer pre-recorded sessions on mindful education for children, meditation for adults, and various yoga classes. In addition to these videos, we intend to develop a schedule of LIVE classes with interactive instruction. 

We invite you to be a part of our virtual community by subscribing to our emails and following us on social media. If you aren’t already receiving our emails, you can sign-up below.

We send our continued support to you and your loved ones. 


The MBA Team

Annamarie, Jen, Julie, Mary, Amy, and Linda

Update May 4, 2020 – Even before life changed around us, Mind Body Align was working on new opportunities to bring mindfulness to our community, and it seems like now is a good time to share some of our plans. We are in the process of improving our website to make free mindfulness content readily available to you. All our blogs from wise women in our community are available here. Gentle Yoga with Amy Secrist is now available online. We are also at work in our home studios, creating engaging online mindfulness programs for all ages; some are already posted to our Facebook page. While we do not know yet when we will be bringing  in-person classes back to the Butterfly House, we encourage you to consider on online experience. Thank you for continuing your support of Mind Body Align and our mission to transform lives through mindfulness. 

Upcoming Education


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Upcoming Movement

+ Meditation Classes

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Wellness Policy for Classes & Events

Mind Body Align is committed to a clean and healthy environment for patrons to practice mindful movement, meditation, and yoga. Due to the rising concerns regarding the spread of viral infections such as the flu and coronavirus, we are reaching out to let you know we are increasing our efforts by sanitizing all surfaces throughout the facility, including floors, bathrooms, mats, cushions, and other yoga accessories. 

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