Embracing Positivity Through Digital Media

Hey there! I’m Emily Parsons, a digital marketing guru and lifestyle blogger. I believe that everyone has influence and the power of consciously influencing those for the better. It wasn’t that long ago that I left Atlanta, Georgia and moved back to Ohio. I had worked in Corporate America for long enough and needed a […]

5 Reasons why many new businesses fail

5 Reasons why many new businesses fail

For years there has been a widely quoted, but apparently made-up, reference to a Bloomberg Publication study that said eight out of ten new businesses will fail within their first two years. The real figure may be closer to 50%, but the fact remains that most people who begin the process of starting a business will not see […]

Building a career in fitness

May is the month of growth. The grass is lengthening, the daffodils and tulips are blooming, and the trees are leafing out. Like most of us, I feel greater joy when I see the sun shining, hear the birds singing, and I know that another winter has passed. Growth can take many forms, in this […]

I was thrust out of my comfort zone…

The “art of the pause” has been on my mind, as I was recently a participant at a Cindy Biggs retreat (SeeBigg.com). The retreat entitled CONFIDENCE, COMMUNICATION AND CREATIVITY Women’s Leadership Retreat was held at Mohican State Park. I attended this retreat in order to bond with three amazing women. My intention being, to get […]

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Some of the biggest risk takers I’ve known weren’t sky divers, or extreme sports enthusiasts, but rather entrepreneurs.  One client in particular was both an avid mountain climber and sky diver and he would probably agree that his biggest risk was his business endeavor. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take certain calculated risks, especially if […]

Sorry Sheryl, but I decided to Lean Out

In March of 2013 Facebook COO Sheryl Sandburg’s much anticipated book, Lean In, hit bookstore shelves. I’d followed the buzz and clamored to the bookstore to get my copy right away. I was hoping that this highly successful woman would have the insight I needed, but alas I was underwhelmed. In the end I forged my […]