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Christina Grozik
Certified Relaxation Sound Therapist, Integrated Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher RYT 200, Reiki Specialist, Polarity Practitioner.

Christina Grozik has spent the past five years on the road traveling. Her journeys allowed her to meet extraordinary people, immerse herself in unique cultures and partake in amazing experiences. More importantly she discovered lessons that would change her life forever. She has combined her roles as professor and event specialist with her wellness background. She is a certified vibrational sound therapist, integrated health coach, yoga teacher, polarity practioner, energy worker, and reiki specialist. With these modalities, she aims to help others find presence and their inner voice. She is the owner and publisher of BohemianBabeTravels.com where she promotes adventure and tips for awakening. While she is known as a teacher, she also considers herself to be a student of life and pays gratitude to each day. She is currently working on a documentary about the impact of singing bowls and believes in practicing only good vibes. 

Woody Gearhart
Reiki Master/Instructor - Reflexology

Woody was born into a spiritual family where healing was practiced in a faith-based atmosphere. His journey into the spiritual & healing arts began at a very early age. Woody learned the basics of Acupressure & reflexology at the early age of ten. Furthermore, his intuitive abilities revealed itself as a child when he started having visions & premonitions. These experiences seemed to have mapped out what would continue to be a life long journey of practicing within the spiritual & healing arts. Woody is an experienced spiritual life/wellness coach, ordained minister, Reiki Master/ Instructor, Qi Gong teacher, Full body Reflexologist, & an Intuitive reader. Contact: 419-989-3709 or wgearhart3@gmail.com

Anne Knapp
Access Bars/Access Consciousness

Anne Knapp has always known the importance of health of the body. Her first degree and seconds degrees were in Physical Fitness and Physical Therapy. After experiencing a few minor ailments, she began to question health as something more than physical activity and studied to become a certified holistic health coach. Anne is certified in Access Bars/Access Consciousness. Contact 419-564-3885.

Sara Kent
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT)

From a young age, Sara has always had a passion for health and wellness. After experiencing health concerns and a lack of answers over a number of years, she turned to Reiki and earned her level 1 and 2 certifications. Her journey eventually led her to recommit to her practice and added a Master Teacher Certification to her credentials. She is also ordained by the Universal Life Church. Sara's life goal is to help others who may be ailing mind, body, or soul. Contact: 419-564-0068 or sara.kent010@gmail.com


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