Thank You For Your Service!

Join Life and Mindfulness coach, Annamarie Fernyak, for 30 – 45 minutes of mindfulness meditation and discussion about mindfulness in practice. Learn skills and tools beneficial in focusing the mind and calming the nervous system.

Free to Veterans

We invite you to practice mindfulness and courtesy to the instructor and other students. As a gesture of kindness and respect, please plan to arrive early for all MBA classes to settle into your space. Classes begin on-time and the doors are locked when class begins.

Want A Deeper Dive?

Mindfulness 101 – How can everyday moments support me in living my best life; a life marked with underlying calm and confidence? How does meditation build the endurance, resilience, and knowledge that inform those same everyday moments?

This monthly class is designed to provide an opportunity for you to practice in a group setting. It will support anyone who is interested in practicing mindfulness, deepening self-awareness and will provide you with ways to strengthen your individual practice

Class is held the third Tuesday of the month. Each month, the class will be led by one of the MBA mindfulness teachers.