Gentle Yoga for Strength & Vitality is an all-levels class designed for beginning students, as well as experienced students who enjoy a gentle practice. Special attention will be given to warming and strengthening the muscles before, during, and after stretching, while detailed instruction in the classic poses will bring greater body and breath awareness. Learn variations of poses that fit your unique body; discover breathing practices that energize and calm, and develop an appreciation for the strength and vitality already present within you.

Be sure to stick around after class for a 5-minute Q&A with Amy. All participants will be given the ability to unmute to ask questions and share after class, similar to how we would if we were in the studio. This will give us the opportunity to enrich each other’s experience by connecting and building a sense of community around our mindful movement practice.

Visit us on our Facebook page for a recorded class with Amy. 

LIVE Instruction: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Cost: $10 per class 
Level: All


Yoga Class Themes for 2020:   Gentle Yoga for Strength & Vitality


All classes will incorporate mindfulness in yoga practice, breath work, and deep relaxation.   While each month will have a particular focus, the classes will always offer a well-rounded experience to cultivate strength and vitality.  


May – Power & Balance:  healthy feet, strong legs, balanced hips – let’s do this.


June – Re-Energize:  Slow down and create reservoirs of energy and ease in both active and restorative postures.  


July – Classic Poses.  These classes will focus on classic standing and seated postures and will allow lots of time for workshopping and modifying so that you can tailor the practice to suit your needs.  Remember, the postures exist to be of service to our bodies and our well-being; we’re not here to force our bodies to take their shape!  


August – Funky & Functional:  Bring your curiosity to these classes.  We’ll explore fun ways to approach wild postures and ground our energy through postures that align with functional movement.  Guess what reaching into the cupboard above the stove and handstand have in common: Yep, arms overhead!


September – Breath & Posture for the Everyday.  These classes will offer a variety of breathing practices and yoga poses that you can add to your daily rituals, whether they fit during your coffee and tea preparations, fall between your morning run and drive to work, or help you ease into sleep.  You’ll find something to enhance your routines.  


October – Slow Flow Vinyasa: Connecting the Postures with Ease & Grace.  Because moving slowly from one posture to the next takes precision and power, this month’s classes will offer time and space to experience safe alignment, optional movements, and modifications for some classic flows like sun salutations A & B and the mythological Sun Salute “C.”  We’ll explore some short and sweet sequences for you to add to your daily routine and give you the confidence to listen to your body and breath to create your own organic flows.  


November – Rotational Power: Twists.  These classes will explore safety and alignment in twisting poses, what parts of the vertebral column actually do the twisting, and where we can strengthen muscle groups to cultivate stability throughout the hips, pelvis, sacrum, and lumbar spine.


December – Rest & Renew: TLC for Your Nervous System.  These classes take into account that we are all in a different place on the energetic spectrum on any given day.  Experience practices that both energize and calm so that you can bring yourself back into balance. 


A Note from Mind Body Align

Mind Body Align is bringing mindful movement to you, wherever you are! 

Your payment supports Mind Body Align, a small business, and our mission to transform the world through mindfulness. Our team is hard at work creating online programs that will provide free classes to veterans, teach children how to cope with the stressors of their world, and control the mental challenges we all face.