Creative Team

Annamarie Fernyak
Annamarie is a certified life coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, serial entrepreneur and founder of Mind Body Align LLC. The idea for Mind Body Align grew out of her own need for a nourishing place to work and a desire to hang out with people engaged in personal and professional growth. Please join Annamarie at one of her events or classes held at The Butterfly House and throughout the Richland County Area.
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Jennifer Blue
Director Of Operations

Jennifer Blue is a Mansfield native, returning to the area after living in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as South Florida. She studied political science at Otterbein College and the University Of Louisville. Jen has held various management positions throughout her career. Adventure, creativity and new challenges are “musts” in her life; these drives have led Jen to work as a freelance writer, chef, and abstract artist. She is excited to be a part of the downtown business community.

Diana Hostettler
Community Consultant, Creative Team
Diana retired in 2010 from a General Manager’s position in Worthington, Ohio to care for her parents in Galion. Not one to stay retired for long, Diana found part-time work with Chuck Hahn as his Marketing Assistant. Through this position and her non-profit work, she has supported so many truly amazing people downtown and Richland County. She has two sons, Christopher and Scott, and 2 granddaughters, Chalee and Camille.
Rani Piar
Artist Extraordinaire, Creative Team
Rani (pronounced Ronnie) is a self-employed artist who does business under the name of Whimsical Colorful You. Her degree in Business Administration led to management positions at a newspaper, in healthcare, and most recently commercial real estate. Married to husband Ray, she loves animals, enjoys travel, outdoor activities and being artful.
Donna Payne
Webmaster, Creative Team
Donna is "The Web Coach" and she helps businesses with Web sites, Newsletters, and Facebook Marketing. Donna is married to Todd with two daughters, and just welcomed her first Grandchild! Her strengths are: Activator, Connectedness, Positivity, Includer, Intellection.
Julie Braumberger
Director of Wellness Education
Mary Kennard
Director of Creative Services

Our Mission

The mission of Mind Body Align, LLC. is to collaborate and network in order to nurture and inspire.

Our Core Values

The Creative Team of Mind Body Align conducts ourselves with the highest level of ethics both personally and professionally.

Together, we drafted these core values:

Be impeccable with our word and Always do our best

Keep things simple & authentic and Dance at the edge of our comfort zone

Build open & honest relationships and Live vibrantly

Nourish, Embrace & Inspire

Foster curiosity & beginners mind and Be flexible and enjoy the journey


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