Opportunity For Change

“I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day.  And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.” Gillian Anderson


A good day to you, one who is closest to Mind Body Align,

Have you heard what is touted to be the new number one interview question? “What did you do during the COVID lockdown?”

Mind Body Align was busy during the lockdown! Hundreds of children and their teachers continue training with MBA to improve their social-emotional mindfulness skills; it’s training which is proven to raise test scores and reduce classroom discipline issues.  

But wait! We are not stopping with kids. We are still bringing mindfulness to adults, only on a bigger scale than you have seen in the past. Mind Body Align is busy creating video content and downloadable resource materials for individuals, schools, and businesses. Can’t wait to share some of these goodies with you soon.

With all the good things going, some things are changing, which makes way for the new opportunities. 

Our membership program will no longer be offered, and monthly coffee talks will not continue as they have in the past. We are also retiring our Facebook members-only page. We are making way for new mindful experiences for everyone. 

Consider this a new hello! Watch this facebook page for upcoming events and openings. Plus, we will be having a rocking sale on the stuff in our retail store soon, and we would love to see you there, from a social distance, of course!

Tell us what you think! Email me at mindbodyalign@gmail.com.

You can still get your MBA fix! Attend an online yoga class with Amy; there are free classes always available on our Facebook page, and she will resume her live online classes on June 29. There are meditations and classes available on our Facebook page and our website. Please engage with us on social media; be sure to share our posts and refer us to your friends giving them the many gifts of the practice of mindful leadership, mindful scholarship, and a mindful life.

Many thanks to each of you for walking this journey with us.




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by Annamarie Fernyak

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