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Enhance Student Outcomes With Practiced Social-Emotional Learning


Upcoming Workshops for Teachers

Earn the one CEU credit that makes the next school year different.

Good different.

ONLINE: Mindful Education 2-Day Workshop | June 8th & 9th, 2020

Trauma Training for Teachers

ONLINE: Trauma-Sensitive 2-Day Workshop | June 10th & 11th, 2020

Transforming Lives Through Mindful Teaching

Amplify Student Learning

With MBAwareness Program SEL Training, Students Grow In:

Attention, Participation, Respect, Self Control

The MBAwareness Program is a research-backed curriculum. Mindful Schools looked at 400 elementary school students, and after a simple SEL program three times a week for five weeks, significant gains were observed.

Learn How To Bring These Skills To Your School

Mindful Classrooms

Our in-class eight week, school-wide program is the most effective way to introduce and integrate social-emotional learning into your school community. One of our certified instructors will come into each classroom and teach important social-emotional skills. Proven positive outcomes.

Teacher Professional Development Workshops

MBA’s professional development workshops meet your in-service needs with proven, positive classroom benefits. Choose between 1 to 2 hour intensive trainings, full-day, or multiple sessions to bring brain-based SEL techniques into the entire school community. 

Our Education Team

Directed by a licensed teacher with many years of classroom experience, our team leads educators and students to a new classroom experience. Learning how to calm anxiety opens up opportunities to learn. We show you how.


Amplify Learning By Teaching How To Create Calm.

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