Two Day Mindful Education Workshop For Teachers

9:00 am – 2:30 pm each day

Investment: $125 for both days 

Credit: 1 CEU

Registration: by July 30, 2019 

Location: Mind Body Align, LLC. – 20 North Mulberry Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44902


Our expert teacher-facilitated workshop develops the basics of personal mindfulness practice, mindful teaching, and how to teach mindfulness to others.

In this two day workshop, teachers will earn a CEU credit while learning the definition and background of mindfulness practice for children along with the basics of mindful meditation through a series of videos, readings, reflections, and guided mindfulness practices. This workshop also covers current scientific research on mindfulness and the brain, emotion regulation, and compassion. Teachers will learn the benefits seen in children, a summary of research and neuroscience, a demonstration of lessons done with children, and a description of what our evidence-based in-school program looks like in the classroom.

What you will learn:

  •  the basics of a personal mindfulness practice
  • mindful teaching techniques
  • using mindfulness in the classroom
  • benefits seen in children
  • a summary of research and neuroscience
  • a demonstration of lessons done with children
  • a description of our evidence-based in-school program

Questions: email or call 419-961-8095

Note: You will register only for the first day of the workshop. This action will automatically register you for the second day. 

Choose the pricing based upon whether you are paying with a credit card at the time of registration or you are requesting that your school district pays via a purchase order.

Be aware this will produce a receipt for $0.00 since no payment is being received at registration. Please advise us if you need further invoicing reflecting the price of the workshop to submit to your school district. It is the registrant’s responsibility to request the school district to pay for the workshop. 


“We believe the most effective way to grow mindfulness in education is through the practice of one committed educator at a time.”

Professional Development For Teachers

MBA offers a variety of professional development workshops designed to meet your in-service needs. Choose between 1-2 hour intensives, full day, or multiple sessions to bring brain-based mindfulness techniques into the entire school community. 

  • Learn what mindfulness is, what it is not, and how it can help students and teachers
  • Instructions for establishing a personal mindfulness practice to support wellness and self-care
  • Experience in a variety of mindfulness exercises
  • Discover strategies for managing stress and avoiding burnout
  • Learn how mindfulness supports social-emotional learning (SEL) and positive behavior intervention strategies (PBIS)
  • Practice strategies for mindful communication, mindful teaching, and teaching mindfulness to students
  • These sessions are also relevant for paraprofessionals, administrators, secretarial staff, and other school personnel

Questions: Contact

MBAwareness Project: A Social-Emotional Learning Program

Our in-class eight week, school-wide program may be the most effective way to introduce and integrate social-emotional learning into your school community. One of our certified instructors will come into the classroom and teach important social-emotional skills to the students.

  • 16 lessons in each class (visiting classes for 15 minutes 2x/week for 8 weeks)
  • Awareness bells for each class
  • Awareness workbooks for each student
  • A classroom teacher manual for all teachers
  • Three additional 30-minute teacher and staff training
  • One additional one-hour parent training

Questions: Contact

Why Mindfulness In Education ?

Benefits of Mindfulness in Education

Scholarly research finds that mindfulness practice decreases stress and anxiety, increases attention, improves interpersonal relationships, strengthens compassion, and delivers a host of other benefits.


    • Attention Numerous studies show improved attention, including better performance on objective tasks that measure attention. Mindfulness practice teaches students how to pay attention in a particular way, and on purpose.
    • Emotion Regulation – Mindfulness is associated with emotion regulation across a number of studies. Mindfulness creates changes in the brain that correspond to less reactivity, and better ability to engage in tasks even when emotions are activated.
    • Compassion – People randomly assigned to mindfulness training are more likely to help someone in need and have greater self-compassion.
    • Calming – Studies find that mindfulness reduces feelings of stress and improves anxiety and distress when placed in a stressful social situation.


Meet Julie Braumberger,

Director of Wellness Education



Julie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and is an elementary school teacher for grades K-8 licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. She taught third grade in the area for more than 10 years before she joined Mind Body Align as the Director of Wellness Education. Julie is developing a Social and Emotional Wellness program for local schools to help teachers and students manage and reduce stress. 

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