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Join our online mindfulness community every Wednesday & Thursday.

Make life better with our FREE virtual community mindfulness practices.  Take fifteen minutes to practice paying attention and bring yourself to the present moment.

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Bring our award winning Pre-K Program to your school.

Contact us today to learn how to bring this NEW innovative mindful education program to your school. Our programs effectively improve SEL and PBIS efforts. Skilled educators present an age-appropriate, brain-based curriculum. Students learn how to calm themselves, to focus, and to pay attention in class. Bring immediate calm to your room. Now teaching pre-K and elementary grades.

Mind Body Align was recently recognized by SIIA for its newly piloted pre-Kindergarten program when Mind Body Align was named a finalist for a CODiE award. The SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of software, education, and other related products for the past 35 years in an effort to drive innovation in the information industry.

Increase Learning Outcomes In Just Minutes!

Mind Body Align is teaching practices that develop children’s capacities for focusing attention, regulating emotions and kindness, for the purposes of well-being and success in school and life. Mindfulness is considered an attentional training. As students practice, the students are developing the skill of sustaining attention even in the face of distractions. Attentional skills are vital in the academic environment.

Professional Development That Works for you!

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce burnout
  • Increase joy and job satisfaction
  • Earn CEU’s
  • Easy to fit into in-service days.
  • Flexible for busy teachers.

This PD combines online interactive learning with live sessions with our team of licensed teachers.

Transform your classroom!

  • Just minutes of mindfulness practice each day increases focus.
  • Just minutes of mindfulness practice each day enhances learning.
  • Just minutes of mindfulness practice each day decreases stress.
  • Just minutes of mindfulness practice each day boosts performance.
  • Just minutes of mindfulness practice each day leads to a better you.

Mind Body Align provides a simple addition to improving life & learning.

Teacher works with students


Mind Body Align makes it easy for the practice of mindfulness to be a consistent part of the daily routine and culture of schools – as much as taking attendance is part. In doing so, daily lives and individual futures are positively impacted. We provide innovative and accessible classroom learning for Pre-K to grade 5 and for educators of students of all ages. 



Mindfulness is a simple addition to increase focus and improve life, which then becomes a part of daily life. Proven benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved sleep, and more. Join mega-companies like Google, Facebook, and Aetna and adopt a simple, cost-effective mindfulness program to combat workplace burnout. Mindfulness is easy to incorporate into your wellness culture.


Reboot and recharge with resources for mindful living and improved mental health. Mindfulness practices, audio meditations, blogs, and more are available on our resource page.

Mindfulness training will allow me to spend more minutes teaching because it will allow my students to build community and self-regulate.

Professional development participant


“I will highly recommend this workshop to other educators because the sense of calm and peacefulness I gained for myself was so worth it. Being able to share this with my students is wonderful. “

Professional development participant


“I have learned that deep breaths can help me calm down my amygdala and that it feels good to be calm. Deep breaths calm my nervous system “

5th grade student

Mansfield City Schools

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