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Booking for 2020/2021

Would you like to break through boundaries to student learning?  

With just a few minutes of mindful social-emotional learning each day, the MBAwareness Educational Program is already helping teachers and hundreds of students meet each day with focused attention and emotion control. 

The MBAwaress program is based on the Mindful Schools (R) curriculum.

How Mindfulness Can Help Us Face COVID19

During this time social distancing, it is more important than ever that we stay connected to each other. But what does that mean for your self-care?

Focus on the present.

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Teacher works with students

Mindful Education Programs

With just minutes of practice each day, a curriculum that meets SEL standards can bring focused attention and amplify learning. Accessible, mindful social-emotional learning instruction and professional development for educators is here. Our Program is trauma-sensitive. 

Mindful Movement

Learn movement that supports mental and physical health and vitality. Certified instructors lead mindful movement online and with video classes available for download. 


Mindful Workplace

Combat workplace stress with MBA’s mindful leader education. 83% of US workers suffer and US businesses lose up to an alarming $300 billion yearly from work stress, but our mindful workplace program focuses on simple, accessible practices to improve culture and employee satisfaction. 


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