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Your classroom, transformed by practicing social-emotional learning

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transform you classroom with mindfulness

Increase Learning Outcomes In Just Minutes

  • Our in-class, eight week, school-wide MBAwareness Educational Program effectively introduces and integrates our unique approach to Social-Emotional Learning
  • A certified instructor comes into the classroom and teaches important self-regulation and focused attention skills
  • In 15 minutes, students build skills to navigate all of life
  • The MBAwareness Program is secular and brain-based, directed by a licensed teacher
  • Benefits students with educational plans; Title funds may be used

Make This Year Different. Good different.

I want this for my school!

Are you interested in having this program enhance your classroom? We’ve got you! Click here and our Director, a licensed teacher, will get you all the details.

*The MBAwareness program is based on the Mindful Schools (R) curriculum.


Skilled educators present age-appropriate, brain-based, social-emotional learning curriculum. Students learn how to calm themselves, to focus, and to pay attention in class. Bring immediate calm to an excited room.


Reduced anxiety, improvement in focus, higher test scores, better conduct, increased productivity and job satisfaction. All a result of practicing skills of social-emotional learning. 


The program can be adapted to any grade level. Come to workshops at our wellness facility, download support materials from our website, or participate in our live, interactive video training sessions. It’s all good.

Better Classroom Outcomes Reported

The MBAwareness Educational Program is a research-backed curriculum. Mindful Schools looked at 400 elementary school students in four areas of classroom behavior: paying attention, participation, self-control, and respect for others. The kids did a simple mindful program three times a week for five weeks. After completion, they found significant gains in all four of those areas.

The stats show The MBAwareness Educational Program works. Here are some shout outs from participants and parents.

*All student programs are in-person programs led by a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. We do not sell or distribute curricula to schools.

“My daughter had the MBAwareness training in 3rd grade at Spanish Immersion and it was life-changing for her. I wish that my son would have this.” 


Parent of a 3rd Grader at Mansfield City Schools’ Spanish Immersion School in Mansfield, Ohio

“My son shared with me some of the deep breathing exercises he’s learned from his school sessions with Mind Body Align. So grateful!”

Leona Smith, parent, Mansfield City Schools

“I have learned that deep breaths can help me calm down my amygdala and that it feels good to be calm. Deep breaths calm my nervous system.”

5th Grader, Malabar Intermediate School, Mansfield, Ohio

Calm begins with the next conversation.

Once we understand the needs of your classroom, we will work with you and your principal to plan for the implementation of this classroom experience.

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