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No one can learn when they’re dysregulated. Imagine a world where every student can bring themselves into a state of calm focus. Fewer disciplinary issues, less teacher churnout. Let’s get these tools into every hand and prepare kids for real life.

Mind Body Align launches Pencil in Every Hand initiative to bring real tools that solve real problems in schools

New program prevents classroom disruption and supplies pencils and other needed tools to encourage self-regulation and the development of executive function

MANSFIELD, OHIO, USA, August 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Kids across America are headed back to school, supplies in hand. In the hustle of any school day, what may seem to be a small disruption, like losing a pencil, can create a barrier to learning.

Breaking down learning barriers can often be accomplished with mindful actions and simple tools. In a new program announced today, Mind Body Align LLC is giving educators pencils and other real tools that solve real problems faced each day in schools. Mind Body Align’s Pencil in Every Hand program gives school leaders pencils for students and other mindfulness resources for educator use. School leaders will have the tools they need to offer a simple yet powerful reminder for students who may become dysregulated to take a moment to pause and tap into their own self-regulation skills. These skills also develop executive function, which is critical to learning.

“No one can learn when they’re dysregulated, and not having a pencil is often the catalyst for dysregulation for students,” said Julie Braumberger, Director of Education for Mind Body Align. 

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Annamarie Fernyak of Mind Body Align: Five Things We Can Do To Develop Serenity And Support Each Other During These Anxious Times

Annamarie Fernyak of Mind Body Align: Five Things We Can Do To Develop Serenity And Support Each Other During These Anxious Times

Published in Authority Magazine
June 12, 2023

As a part of my series about the things we can do to develop serenity and support each other during anxious times, I had the pleasure of interviewing Annamarie Fernyak.

Annamarie Fernyak is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Align. She is a certified life coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, author, and serial entrepreneur. She worked with a licensed teacher, artists, and instructional designers to create the Mind Body Align at School program which teaches mindfulness, the missing piece in most social and emotional learning programs. She also developed Mind Body Align at Work, which teaches mindfulness to adults, often as a workplace program. Based in science, the proven benefits of mindfulness include improved relationships, lower reported stress, reduced blood pressure, and greater ability to pay focused attention.

Annamarie does not settle for programs that simply help people get through one day at school or at work, she works to transform each and every day of the lives of people of all ages. Through custom designed educational programs and the Align Mindfulness app, Annamarie guides others in bringing attention to what’s happening in the world, to build well-rounded mindfulness muscles, and to bring variety in where one places awareness.

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Mind Body Align joins Buckeye Imagination Museum to create signs that inspire and build important life skills

Mind Body Align brings educator cohorts and a new platform for trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning experience

When Buckeye Imagination Museum (formerly known as Little Buckeye Children’s Museum) began planning a massive expansion in a new facility, many businesses jumped in to help. Mind Body Align, LLC, the leader in providing education that improves the culture of schools, workplaces, and families, collaborated on the addition of interior signs that prompt and inspire mindful interactions among museum visitors.

In all, 21 signs were funded by The Mind Body Align Charitable Fund at the Richland County Foundation and are installed throughout the museum. The Mind Body Align team designed and created the content for the signs using basic principles from their SIIA award-nominated social and emotional learning program. This program is used in the Mansfield City Schools and in other schools around the region. Teachers using the program report that 94% of students improved in relating to each other, in the regulation of emotions, and in paying attention. Aiming also to support educators, they released a new blended learning educator professional development training which may be accessed at no cost with a scholarship.

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Scholarships for Educator Professional Development

Mind Body Align brings educator cohorts and a new platform for trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning experience

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — As the school year wraps up for many teachers, stress is at its highest, but Mind Body Align is rolling out a new program to help. Always working to improve the culture of workplaces and schools, Mind Body Align announced today that they are supporting teachers by offering scholarships for a new professional development experience.

“We are pleased to offer teachers scholarships for professional development that supports them in restoring their passion for work and in building resilience,” said Jennifer Blue, president of Mind Body Align. “This program allows educators to focus on wellbeing and gratitude. They can complete the enjoyable eight hour program on their own time. We then gather for a one hour Zoom to practice what is learned.”

The purpose of the scholarship program is to make “Intro to Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living Mindfully for Educators” accessible to educators who may not have access otherwise. It allows educators an opportunity to fulfill their educator professional development objectives and earn continuing education units (CEUs). It also gives them access to tools and techniques that allow them to be more successful.

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Mind Body Align brings educator cohorts and a new platform for trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning experience

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Growing mindfulness education company, Mind Body Align, LLC, is hosting its first ever cohort, bringing together educators from across the country for a professional development experience aimed at supporting trauma and improving the wellbeing of educators. The cohort will utilize Mind Body Align’s new online educator professional development platform, share information, and learn mindful adult social and emotional learning (SEL) techniques.

“Teachers are subject to endless expectations, resource deficits, and the threat of violence. Our cohorts provide them an experience where they will learn ways they can do what they were meant to do – teach,” said Julie Braumberger, a licensed elementary school teacher and the director of education for Mind Body Align. “This course gives teachers the tools and resources proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while boosting resilience, focus, and emotion regulation. Essentially, Mind Body Align is an ally to educators and is providing a pathway toward awareness, as well as ways to focus on gratitude, kindness, and wellbeing.”

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Align App

Richland County Mindfulness Educator Named to SEL for Ohio Leadership Team

MANSFIELD, OHIO, USA, February 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Growing mindfulness education company, Mind Body Align, LLC, announced that Julie Braumberger, its Director of Education, was named to the leadership team of the Social Emotional Learning Alliance for Ohio (SEL4OH).

“The SEL4OH founding leadership team is thrilled to welcome a new cohort of SEL champions from across the state to join our mission of supporting the social, emotional, and academic success and well-being of all of Ohio’s children. As a mindfulness educator, Julie’s knowledge will be an asset to the SEL4OH network as we continue our work to share evidence-based practices with educators and families,” said Pamela McVeagh-Lally, co-founder of SEL for Ohio.

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Align App

Mind Body Align’s new Align app redesign brings true essence of mindfulness practice to schools and workplaces

 Mansfield, Ohio, December 13, 2022 – Growing mindfulness education company, Mind Body Align, LLC recently announced a redesign and relaunch of Align, their mindfulness app. Align sends daily mindful reminders and prompts to support bringing individuals to the moment, which is the essence of the mindfulness practice.

Align saw a complete redesign and is now an integral part of the programs at Mind Body Align. “The Align App has been rethought, beginning with the smallest details.  We learned from what our users loved in the first version, created new prompts that are smarter, and packaged all that in an all-new design that allows the user to focus on the moment,” said Evan Ryan, founder of Teammate AI, the web developer.

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Mind Body Align at School’s Pre-K Program Named Finalist for Global Innovation Award

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 30, 2022/EINPresswire.com/ — Mind Body Align was recently recognized by SIIA for its newly piloted pre-Kindergarten social and emotional learning program when Mind Body Align was named a finalist for a CODiE award. The SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of software, education, and other related products for the past 35 years in an effort to drive innovation in the information industry.

All finalists are companies who developed a product within the past three years and are providing tech-based educational products to solve challenges in education. Mind Body Align moves into the next step of the competition, working with industry mentors at least once a month, and will create a five minute video for a virtual pitch fest in May. The showcase named finalists for two awards, most likely to succeed and most innovative.

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Award-winning educator joins growing Mind Body Align team as SEL teacher & content creator

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quietly changing the game in Mansfield City Schools is a new teacher of mindful social and emotional learning from Mind Body Align, LLC, Brenda Engelman.

Engelman teaches social and emotional learning lessons to students in the classroom. She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of Findlay and is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. She has experience teaching in general classrooms as well as special education classrooms and is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of children.

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Award-winning educator joins growing Mind Body Align team as SEL teacher & content creator

MANSFIELD — Mind Body Align (MBA) recently hired award-winning educator Caryl Church Jesseph as a Curriculum and Education Developer and Mindful Educator.

An ODE licensed teacher for grades kindergarten through 12, Caryl taught for 15 years in public schools in Lake and Geauga counties, where she received multiple honors, including the Northeast Ohio Outstanding Art Educator Award.


“Like all educators, our life’s work is to help students be successful in life,” said Julie Braumberger, Director of Education for MBA and the creator of the MBAwareness Educational Program.

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Mind Body Align Tests New Teacher Professional Development Course and Unveils New Brand

MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Infusing vibrance into teacher professional development and fulfilling a critical need to provide support for educators, Mind Body Align, LLC recently launched an innovative professional development (PD) course which does both. Mind Body Align’s team took proven, experience-based mindfulness education theory and practices and created blended e-learning course offerings, giving teachers more tools to manage their classrooms and improve student outcomes. The new product is in the testing phase and pilot programs are in development.




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Mindfulness education firm names new president and COO

Mansfield News Journal- January 21, 2022

MANSFIELD –Mind Body Align promoted two of its leaders just as the company prepares to launch multiple new mindfulness-based blended educational e-learning products. Operations Director Jennifer Blue was named president and Linda Snyder was promoted to chief operating officer.

After serving as operations director for four years, Blue will lead the organization as it expands.

“Mind Body Align was looking for a leader who thinks strategically and is committed to transforming lives through mindfulness,” said Annamarie Fernyak, founder and CEO of Mind Body Align. “This leader needed to understand each market we serve, education and community, and leverage product growth for both. Jen is this leader. She is the shepherd for our global expansion, bringing mindfulness education to every person.” Read more here.

Pop-up park in Mansfield's Imagination District features natural autumn landscape, games & dining

Richland Source – September 28, 2021

MANSFIELD — It’s a great time for a trip to downtown Mansfield to visit Imagination Park, a temporary pop-up park.


The park has an urban garden, mindful play space, and dining areas in the Imagination District on West 3rd St., between Mulberry St. and Bowman Ave. Open through Oct. 1, 2021, there will be activities each day.


“This pop-up park is a fun and safe way to bring our community together. It is outside, and along the length of W. 3rd Street, creating natural social distancing,” said Korinna Goettel, Idea Works Director and planning committee member.


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Life coach and author visits Mansfield on first leg of book tour

Richland Source- September 21, 2021

MANSFIELD – On Monday evening, Kristoffer Carter, executive coach and author of “’Permission To Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership,” stopped in Mansfield as a part of the first leg of his fall book tour in order to promote his book and inspire local leaders to “glow up.”

Idea Works, Mind Body Align Mindful Education and Source Brand Solutions sponsored the event, which took place at IdeaWorks located on 40 W. 4th St

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Arts Festival returns to Downtown Mansfield Sept. 18

Richland Source- September 13, 2021

MANSFIELD – It’s time to celebrate the arts as the Art Festival returns to Central Park in downtown Mansfield.

On Saturday, Sept. 18, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., an array of artists celebrating all forms of art will gather in the park and throughout the city to entertain and dazzle the public with an extraordinary cultural experience.

Sponsors for this event are the Richland County Development Group, Park National Bank, Mechanics Bank, Mind Body Align, the Richland Public Library, and Hempy Water. The chair for this event is Victoria Hoefler, with support from the Art Sector.

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Mind Body Align launches weekly 'mindfulness' practice

Mansfield News Journal- July 16, 2021

MANSFIELD – Mind Body Align launched a weekly, global, virtual community mindfulness practice called Connect In on Wednesday morning.

“We all crave community in a way that feels safe to us. These weekly experiences are for everyone, not just those who know us or are already a part of Mind Body Align’s community,” founder Annamarie Fernyak said. “This is designed for the individual who has no idea what mindfulness is, for those who already take time to practice and all the folks in between.”‘

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Award-winning educator joins growing Mind Body Align team as SEL teacher & content creator

Richland Source -July 1, 2021

MANSFIELD — Mind Body Align (MBA) recently hired award-winning educator Caryl Church Jesseph as a Curriculum and Education Developer and Mindful Educator.

An ODE licensed teacher for grades kindergarten through 12, Caryl taught for 15 years in public schools in Lake and Geauga counties, where she received multiple honors, including the Northeast Ohio Outstanding Art Educator Award. Read more

Ways To Remove Negativity From The Workplace

Richland Source – February 14, 2020

There are parts to every job that may be tedious or have someone questioning “why am I here?” but if those thoughts are an ongoing occurrence, that person may need to ask themselves if that negativity they’re bringing into the office will affect their co-workers.

CEO of Mind Body Align Annamarie Fernyak has created a system where all of her employees can voice their concerns and be able to disagree in order to have a successful work environment. Read More.

Mind Body Align Challenges You To Take 10,000 Steps A Day

Richland Source – December 19, 2020

Annamarie Fernyak, founder of Mind Body Align, power walks in place alongside her co-worker Jennifer Blue in the tiny kitchen located inside of The Butterfly House. She casually chews on a chip with some dip in hand while trying to build up a sweat.

“I’m aware of the irony here,” she says with a laugh and continues on. Read More.

Yarn Bombing Art Installation Colors Downtown Mansfield

Richland Source – June 12, 2019

Mansfield has been bombed with graffiti of colorful street art. The art lovers at Mind Body Align worked with the inmates at the Richland Correctional Institute (RICI) to create a surprise urban art installation of colorful displays of crocheted yarn in Mansfield on Tuesday.

The installation is known as #yarnbombing. Read More

Decluttering the mind through meditation

Richland Source – March 28, 2019

With the arrival of spring comes the urge to declutter the house, tossing whatever nonessentials that no longer “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo would say.

But what about clearing out the clutter in your mind?

Annamarie Fernyak, founder of Mind Body Align, says this can be done through mindfulness meditation, a secular practice aimed at bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.  Read more

Mind Body Align expands, offering wellness vacation for women

Special to Richland Source – March 19, 2019

MANSFIELD – Pack your bags! Mind Body Align is planning a small group woman’s wellness experience guaranteed to restore energy and vitality.

This luxury get-a-way is in Sedona, Arizona May 7 to 11, 2019, and features five days at a beautiful home, with thoughtfully prepared food and restorative activities led by experts in the field of wellness and energy medicine. Read more.


Women support each other at Mansfield business showcase

Richland Source – Sept. 12. 2018


MANSFIELD – The stars of the show Wednesday were all women.

Approximately 30 female business owners were featured Wednesday at the 4th Women’s Business Showcase in the Renaissance Theatre.

“The goal is to highlight their contributions to the community at large so they realize what a powerful force women entrepreneurs are,” said Richland Area Chamber of Commerce president Jodie Perry. Read more.

Giving Tree at Third and Mulberry streets filled with free hats, gloves and scarves

Mansfield News Journal  – Jan. 5, 2018

MANSFIELD – Frigid temperatures have sparked a response from four local entities along North Mulberry Street to help provide hats, gloves, and scarves to keep people warm.

Working together, Mind Body Align, the Mansfield Richland County Public Library, Richland Area Chamber of Commerce and Richland Community Development Group are providing hats, scarves, and gloves to people who face the elements each day without ample protection. The tree will continue as more donations arrive, organizers said. Read more.


Mind Body Align welcomes new operations director

Special to Richland Source – August 23. 2017

MANSFIELD – Mind Body Align has introduced Jennifer Blue to the community as the company’s Operations Director.

Blue will be responsible for overseeing the creation and implementation of all programs and events offered at the Butterfly House as well as overseeing various aspects of operations at the company. Read more.

Blessing Box at Butterfly House provides food for those in need

Richland Source, May 4, 2017

MANSFIELD — Those driving by the Butterfly House might have noticed a new fixture in front of the building.

Jess Allred, a retired newspaper publisher, was watching the news when a 10-second clip caught his attention and inspired him to build a blessing box, which was placed outside the Butterfly House at Mind Body Align (20 N. Mulberry St.) earlier this week.

The purpose of a blessing box is to provide food and other items for those in need. People who have enough are encouraged to stock the box with nonperishable food items and other household products. In turn, those who need those items are welcome to take freely.

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