Mind Body Align At School


Get Ready

Get ready to achieve positive outcomes together! 

It is time to give your students in grades 3-6 the pre-assessment. (Grades PreK-2 do not take the pre-assessment.) Each student will need access to a computer.

This link can be added to your Google Classroom for easy access by the students. We ask that you administer the assessment as you would a standardized test. Please, read the questions to the students as they choose the best answer, and have the pre-assessment completed by the end of our first week of classes. It is best to administer before the Mind Body Align At School classes begin. If your students are not skilled in Google Classroom, we have other options for administering the assessment. If you need assistance with this process, contact [email protected].

Share this link: https://mindbodyalign.com/mansfield-city-schools-mbawareness-pre-assessment/

Start the Pre-Assessment