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Compassion and Conversation: Navigating Difficult Emotions in the Classroom & Beyond

"In difficult conversations when you’re trying to understand the other person’s perspective, and you’re considering what to say next, pause to notice what sensations you feel in your body, what emotions are present.  That information will give you insight into your...

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Ask A Yogi: Body Differences + Pose Modifications

Q:  I enjoy doing yoga but I get insecure about my body differences. When I need help with modifications, I am embarrassed to ask. What can I do to let the instructor know that I need some assistance without disrupting the class?   Amy:  I’m so glad to receive...


Yoga in real life

Yoga works in myriad ways.   Often it works intangibly in our multi-level capacity as human beings, mentally, physically, and spiritually, growing us into better people over time.   It illuminates, challenges, awakens, calms, invigorates, opens, heals, sustains. ...