The Day We Discover Why

The Day We Discover Why

When I was asked to write about “Honor the Story”, my real story about my values and life purpose in this moment today, it terrified me and created a long thought provoking session within myself.

What does it mean to honor? I thought honoring my story was another form of respecting what my life had become, accepting it, and moving forward. The bible clearly states there is a difference between respect and honor. We are taught to honor those in authority, your parents, or your boss, whether you like the person or not you respect the position. Giving honor where honor is due has tremendous power, so why can it be so hard to honor our own selves? We honor others; teachers, coaches, care-takers, and we treat them with respect. Aren’t we worthy of the same? Doesn’t our story, our path in life matter just as much as those we hold in high regard?

Self perceived notions

My values have not always been what they are today. Much of my life circumstances I did not choose, some I have been slow to embrace, others I have welcomed. I used to believe my value in life could only be measured by how successful I was and how others perceived me. It was all because I didn’t want to further disappoint anyone, which I now realize stemmed from my self-perceived notion of my imagined unworthiness as a foster/adopted child.

My purpose has changed due to the myriad of positions I have held in my life, due in part from trying to “prove myself” to the world. First at the tender age of 13, as the youngest employee of the YWCA as a baton twirling instructor, through today where I enjoy sharing the health and nutritional benefits from organic tea leaves, to a part-time receptionist at St. Peter’s Parish Center, and being the secretary on several boards.

Honoring the moment

Through my many “careers” I realized that instead of enjoying the moment, I was always focused on the next possibility, this is a struggle even today and I am certain other entrepreneurial types suffer from the same. But peace came from within when I started honoring my sanity and finally quit trying to plan my life. I now let the plan guide my life, but not always without a little kicking and screaming! What I have realized and now honor is the beauty of God & family, and the cultivated friendships through my journey that have lasted a life-time.

When I agreed to write this blog for MBA, I decided a mission statement to myself was necessary:

I have much to share with this world, but my needs must be my priority to keep my world and sense of well-being in balance. I wake up happy and thankful each day and will continue to believe that I do deserve the good things in my life. It IS my birthright to be happy, to be successful and to be loved.

I’m afraid of failing

I’m afraid of failing


I am afraid of failing and being alone.

You know REALLY alone. Like on the edge of a precipice in the dark and you know there is vast space all around. You have to make a decision while little lights of your dreams start to glow and multiply, and you spin around in awe.

Do you stay and hide in this beautiful space in time—or—is it time to take a step of faith into the unknown to see if you really can make your dreams come true?

Recently, on a family trip to Disney, I physically re-experienced this emotion when I realized I have been here before in my dreams. Actually, I was sitting alone in the Spaceship Earth ride surrounded by little twinkling lights when I experienced the same feeling of alone, free, and the choice of stepping off the edge and going into the unknown to achieve my dream.

When things seem to be falling apart (I liken it to the old game Tetris and the bricks are crumbling) and everything you hold dear in value crumbles and falls away you can feel so alone. I have finally realized that its ok, and I am just moving into the next phase of my life.

So instead of feeling sad I wait, breathe, and watch for the next new thing because I know it will all be better.

If anyone has seen the movie “Inside Out”, you too may have felt the sadness during the scene of the little girl’s life crumbling. If not, I encourage you to watch this film and enjoy the adult messages that are hidden in this “kids” movie!

When you are given a vision of what you are to do, it is hard to explain to anyone else how you are going to accomplish that vision. One thing I do know, I have lived and believed a Zig Ziglar quote:

“It takes ten no’s to get one yes!”


Because on my first vision of opening a bundt bakery, (come on now, we all know that sounded crazy!) my first four contacts were a resounding, “Yes!”

I went home in shock, and with raw emotions that I really didn’t know what to do with, I started to bake and bake.

In my life lessons I know it is more than important to help others, share your story, share your knowledge, share your time, and you will find it is the quickest way for your next door to open!

What is stopping you from your dream? Fear of failure, being alone?

This I can tell you it is more than a feeling… you need a heart of a warrior! Get out there and greet everyone with a smile and an open door to your heart. Tell anyone who will listen your story, and you will be amazed by the world that will open up to you.

You didn’t think these people were put in your path for no reason did you?

And, failing? If you are following your dream, there is no failing, be flexible learn and adjust your dream as you go!