What if we all gave on the same day?

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What if we all gave on the same day?

I came across that headline when I was researching giving days for my job at the Richland County Foundation.

It’s a powerful thought. What if everyone in Richland County joined together on one day and gave something.

What would happen?

Would things improve for local nonprofit agencies and our community?

I don’t know. But we can discover the answers together because the day for you and me to make a difference is December 1.

Why December 1?

First you have Thanksgiving, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what happens on Tuesday?  The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is an international day of giving called Giving Tuesday. Two organizations, 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation started the social media driven charitable day in 2012.

A local online day of giving called Richland Gives will coincide with Giving Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The day is designed to encourage everyone to contribute to local nonprofits they care about through a single giving platform/website. The Foundation is hosting the day to build capacity, grow philanthropy and make the community stronger.

Richland Gives’ success will depend on our collective enthusiasm and implementation.

I am asking you to bring your skills and donations to this day.

Help me spread the word via your social media pages, texts, email or maybe a phone call to encourage a friend or family member with a heart for philanthropy to give on December 1.

Area companies and their employees also can work together to support Richland Gives by promoting the day.  Sample email messages and Facebook posts are available on the website under the toolkit tab.

The day of giving will allow Richland County nonprofit organizations to raise funds and awareness as well as cultivate new donors and reinvigorate lapsed donors.

Go to the website, www.richlandgives.org , click the search magnifying glass, select all categories to view the more than 60 nonprofit agencies registered for the event. Each organization has an individualized web page to promote their cause. There was no fee for the nonprofit agency to participate, but it did take an investment of staff time to set up the giving pages and engage their donors.

Which one do you want to help?

For more information about the day of giving contact me at 419-525-3020 or [email protected].