The Courage to Create

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I’m a sucker for talent competition auditions. America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, The Voice, American Idol – I love them all. It melts me when some shy, half-panicked, visibly shaking unknown takes the stage, and pours their heart and soul out for the judges and the audience. What a vulnerable moment! What courage that must take! The best of these auditions are never flawless, but that’s the point. It’s easy to share yourself and your gifts with the world if they are “perfect”. If you know exactly how the audience will respond, you’re not really taking a risk at all. Courage and bravery entail uncertainty, insecurity, and self-doubt. And perhaps that’s why courage and bravery are my favorite human traits.

We humans are so deliciously imperfect. Most of us stick to our comfort zones where we at least feel competent. Places and spaces where we know the ropes, and generally know what kinds of reactions to expect. But life is too short and too full to spend all your time in the shallow end of the pool. And not just life, but you yourself are too full of possibilities. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, “you are large, you contain multitudes”. Who knows what potential you truly encompass? Could you compose a song? Paint a picture? Write a novel? Direct a movie? Act in a play? Entertain a crowd with juggling and jokes? Sing an opera? Run a marathon? Raise a child? Build a house from scratch? Fall in love? Become a better version of yourself? Yes — you could do all of these things. Every single one. But you cannot and will not do any of these things if you require perfection.

Imagine what the world would have lost if the Beatles refused to release an album until it was perfect. If Da Vinci burned the Mona Lisa because he couldn’t get the smile just right. If Dostoevsky gave up writing because, hey, why compete with the likes of Tolstoy? Now you may be thinking, “If those weren’t examples of perfection, they were pretty damn close. There’s nothing that I do that falls into that category.” But don’t forget, just as acts and even thoughts of destruction karmically scar the soul, so too do acts of creation have a redemptive effect on the creator.

When you create and express your essence, you have brought something brand new into the universe. How better to express and experience your innate divinity? I believe that every act of creation is a prayer. And prayers do not need to be perfect, but merely heartfelt. Prayers also don’t need to be public. Likewise, even if you never share your creations with the world, they will nevertheless enrich your life immeasurably. But, selfishly, I’m hoping you will share your gifts with the rest of us. Our various creations help to unite us, and the experience of communion, I believe, is also divine.

So DO. Let us inspire each other with both our successes and our failures. Life is for living, and we best all get busy – there’s so much to try! Take faith and have courage and don’t let unobtainable perfection stand in your way. If you stumble, we’ve got your back, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!