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The team at Mind Body Align is so happy to share with you a four-week mindful breathing course that will fit into your busy day. 

Each week for the next four weeks we will open a module containing a 15-minute mindful breathing practice just for YOU. 

  • Week one: 5-5 Breath
  • Week two: Belly Breathing
  • Week three: Box Breath
  • Week four: Breath and movement

Mindful breathing techniques have many benefits. Not only can they help reduce stress and bring a sense of calmness, but they can also aid in focus and clarity. 

Practicing mindful breathing can help you be more attentive to your own needs and your students’, enhance your teaching performance and even allow for greater presence in the classroom. 

We hope this series brings balance and joy into your day. 

At the conclusion, you will be eligible for 1-hour/.1 CEUs.