Educational Trends Forecast 2024 

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In the tumultuous wake of the global pandemic’s disruptive aftermath, our educational landscape is experiencing seismic shifts that promise to redefine the essence of learning. These educational trends, wrought from the aftershocks of a worldwide crisis, reveal deep fault lines that have evolved into profound divides within the education realm. The year 2024 unfolds as […]

Embrace Chaos

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In today’s educational landscape, the buzz around Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is hard to ignore. It’s a widely acknowledged approach that emphasizes the importance of emotional well-being, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills in education. However, let’s take a moment to pause and consider an alternative viewpoint: let’s embrace the chaos. SEL? Nah.  What If We Dared to […]

Innovative EdTech: Wellness at ISTELive 2023

Innovative EdTech at ISTELive 2023: Wellness Matters

Welcome, fellow educators and tech enthusiasts! Join me on an exciting journey through ISTELive 2023, a conference that brought together education leaders, teachers, and more, for a transformative experience. Alongside my coworker, Linda Snyder, we explored the world of innovative EdTech and wellness at ISTELive 2023.  We discovered how industry giants are embracing wellness and […]

Mind Body Align joins Buckeye Imagination Museum to create signs that inspire and build important life skills

Mind Body Align joins Buckeye Imagination Museum to create signs that inspire and build important life skills

“Buckeye Imagination Museum and Mind Body Align have a shared goal to create awareness of oneself and others so lives are improved through learning and play.” MANSFIELD, OHIO (PRWEB) MAY 30, 2023 When Buckeye Imagination Museum (formerly known as Little Buckeye Children’s Museum) began planning a massive expansion in a new facility, many businesses jumped in to help. Mind […]

Flexible Training for Maximum Impact!

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No Cringe Teacher Training – Bring Flexible Training That Rocks into Schools Have you ever noticed there seems to be a universal cringe when teachers learn about a scheduled in-service or a need to complete professional development? There is often that immediate feeling of adding something to our to-do list, instead of a sense of […]

Forward-Thinking Education Tech

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A note from Linda Snyder, Chief Operating Officer for MInd Body Align: Recently, our team at Mind Body Align had the incredible opportunity to attend both SXSW EDU and SXSW Interactive 2023. It was an amazing experience to connect with some of the most innovative minds in the world and learn more about forward-thinking education tech.  […]

The Power of Mindful Exam Prep

The Power of Mindful Exam Prep awareness, gratitude confidence, easier, emotions, tension

Exams are one of the most stressful periods during school, especially when faced with the pressure to perform well. However, transitions such as moving from studying to taking an exam or even transitioning between different topics can also be challenging. Practicing mindfulness can help students approach these transitions with greater clarity and confidence. Here are […]

Mindful professional development: is it essential?

Mindful Professional Development is Essential for Teachers

In recent years, mindfulness has become increasingly popular as a tool for promoting well-being. But is it really a resource to help teachers manage stress? Research has suggested that incorporating a more mindful approach to professional development could offer a wealth of benefits. So how do you work it into an already busy and chaotic […]

The Benefits of Bringing Kindness into the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers

As teachers, we recognize the impact that showing kindness can have on our students. A compassionate and understanding approach can lead to a wealth of positive outcomes in the classroom. By incorporating mindful loving-kindness techniques, we can maintain this positive atmosphere even in challenging situations.

Richland County mindfulness educator named to SEL for Ohio leadership team

Mansfield, Ohio, February 9, 2023 – Growing mindfulness education company, Mind Body Align, LLC, today announced that Julie Braumberger, its Director of Education, was named to the leadership team of the Social Emotional Learning Alliance for Ohio (SEL4OH).   “The SEL4OH founding leadership team is thrilled to welcome a new cohort of SEL champions from […]