Embracing Change

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I have always wanted to be a doctor. Looking back, I realize what an incredible blessing it was to know I would be a doctor. It set a vision in my mind that had no other alternative! I would be a doctor. Now I realize that having that vision so young created a mindset that would allow me to focus and get it done.

Fast forward a few years.

Life finds ways of repeating patterns. What fascinates me on this life journey is how we can learn and grow if we allow ourselves to do so! Over the past 5 years, I found my medical practice in a place that wasn’t conducive to the quality of patient care I expected from myself. The “business” of medicine was changing so much that although I was adapting— the path was not sustainable.

Reimbursements are not made for spending time with patients; focusing on prevention and nutrition; optimizing care and not just sustaining health. I needed to change if I wanted my practice to change.

I made a decision and set a date.

Without knowing all the details, I moved forward with closing my traditional, successful practice of 12 years. The details came together with a lot of due diligence and expectation. I opened my new practice in downtown Mansfield as a completely new business. The joy and fulfillment I get from being able to practice medicine with a true patient focus is such a reward for the pains of the journey. One thing I have found personally and in the lives of patients… making a decision is freedom and indecision can be torture.

Being grateful for the process of change is key.

There will be great moments and very low moments. Learn to be grateful for those moments as part of the process and knowing that it is allowing personal growth. I believe that we live in a place that allows us to grow as much as we push ourselves to grow. If we stay open to what can happen in our life, we are much more likely to see opportunities present that allow us to get it done! When you are grateful for every step of the journey, it allows you to believe that there is so much more coming your way to be grateful for.

Navigating transitions in life goes exactly the direction that you set in motion. It doesn’t mean it is easy or without challenges. It takes commitment and optimism. Not just, “let me give this a try” but “I’m getting this done.” Taking the excuses off the table. Not allowing nay sayers to affect you. Taking missteps as learning experiences. Being grateful for the process. In so many places in life, I have seen that the only failure is in quitting. Everything else is just a chance to get better!