Mindfulness in the Workplace

A simple, cost-effective program increases profitability and retains teams

Combat Workplace Stress

83% of US workers suffer from work stress, and US businesses lose up to an alarming $300 billion yearly as a result.

Create New Corporate Culture

Join mega-companies like Google, Facebook, and Aetna and adopt a simple, cost-effective mindfulness program to combat workplace burnout. Mindfulness is easy to incorporate into your wellness culture.

Investing in employees is vital to retention and hiring. Offering support for mental health is a critical benefit for attracting and retaining talent.

Individual Mindfulness Practice

Create your perfect training. Group training may not be for everyone. We offer individual coaching sessions and have downloadable training videos to create the mindfulness practice that focuses on your specific needs and goals.

Mindful Leadership for Teams

Allow the mindfulness practice to foster a new, positive team culture. It makes way for new collaborations, better adaptability to change, enhanced awareness, greater focus, increased efficiencies, and more job satisfaction. Our team meets you wherever you are, at your offices, at trainings or retreats, online, or in-person. 

Get Started

Talk with one of our team facilitators to find out how mindfulness can improve your workplace.