Mindful Education Programs

Enhance Student Outcomes With Practiced Social-Emotional Learning


Calm classroom chaos.

*All student programs are in-person programs led by a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. We do not sell or distribute curricula to schools.

90.5% of students completing the Mind Body Align At School Program said just minutes a day of mindful social-emotional learning improves their 

  • Ability to focus
  • Performance in class
  • Better decisions about behavior
  • Ability to choose a strategy that helps them stay calm
  • Improved life outside of school

Classes designed and led by a licensed teacher, this mindful social-emotional learning educational program meets curriculum standards for SEL and amplifies learning outcomes.

Teach students how to pause, and then practice it so it becomes a habit. Click HERE to bring attention control | self-awareness | emotion self-regulation

Mindful Classrooms

Our in-class eight week, school-wide program is the most effective way to introduce and integrate mindful social-emotional learning into your school community. One of our certified instructors will come into each classroom and teach important social-emotional skills. Proven positive outcomes.

Teacher Professional Development

Mind Body Align’s professional development workshops meet your in-service needs with proven, positive classroom benefits. Choose between 3 hr. intensive trainings, full-day, or multiple sessions to bring evidence-based SEL techniques into the entire school community. 

Our Education Team

Directed by a licensed teacher with many years of classroom experience, our team leads educators and students to a new classroom experience. Learning how to calm anxiety opens up opportunities to learn. We show you how.


Amplify Learning By Teaching How To Create Calm.