10 Mindful Intentions To Help You Start Your Day!

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If you are anything like me, when you wake up, it is a race against the clock. It might be lunchtime before you stop, sometimes to realize, “ This day is just whacked!”

Maybe your day could start just a little bit different. Maybe you want to be more purpose-driven. Why not tweak your morning just a bit and create a new, super easy habit?

Setting intentions each day helps you to align your values with your purpose. When you cultivate the habit of setting intentions you determine what is important, and are closer to designing the life you want to live.  Making intention setting part of your morning routine is the surest way to make sure you are moving through the day in the way you plan to move. 

Be intentional about being intentional.

Do you fall into the trap of starting the day by going through mental checklists? Your emails? By visualizing your calendar? This sends our newly awake minds and nervous systems into immediate overdrive, when what we crave and need is a little calm. 

Setting your alarm a few minutes earlier can give you the space and opportunity to sit with your thoughts for a few minutes.  Begin with a short meditation to the present moment. Writing down your intentions is another helpful trick to really imprint them on your mind. 

If setting intentions is new to you, we have some prompts to start you off. Perhaps choose a few or create some of your own.


  • I intend to listen to my inner wisdom
  • I intend to listen to others before I speak
  • I intend to have an open mind
  • I intend to find gratitude in this day
  • I intend to not take things personally
  • I intend to be kind
  • I intend to lean into discomfort
  • I intend to enjoy the journey
  • I intend to take a few minutes outside
  • I intend to meditate today


At the end of the day, when you are reflecting, self-compassion is key. It’s not about judging yourself. A mindful life is a life of contemplation and compassion.

Begin with intention and end with compassion, and soon your days become weeks of passion and purpose.