Breathe In The New Year

Breathe in the New Year! For the month of January, we will be exploring mindful breathwork practices that can easily fit into your everyday routines. We’ll learn practical techniques to cultivate a deeper awareness of the breath and how it affects our physical,...

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Gifting for the Love Languages

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, we all have a “love tank” inside of us. When the love tank is full, we feel connected, supported, and secure. When the love tank is empty, we feel disconnected, alone, and insecure. But how do you fill someone else’s love tank? You...

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A Note from Jen: A “Whole” Approach to 2020

I invite you to join me in this moment.   Right here. Right now. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in and breathing out. One more breath. In and out.    And, Hello! Welcome to February!     2020 is the year of whole living at Mind Body Align....

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Transformed by Nature

I found myself chasing butterflies at the Cole Road Prairie one afternoon.  While my goal was to capture images for a new website, the result was actually much more.  I truly felt transformed by my experience in nature. When first arriving at the prairie, my mind...