Unlock the Transformative Power of Kindness

We all know the power of kindness. We all know the power of kindness and how much it can positively impact our lives. February 14-20, 2023 is Random Acts of Kindness week and we thought we would take a moment to recognize and prioritize loving-kindness practices in our day-to-day lives, as a way to make […]

Finding a Foundation of Happiness

Recently, my sister asked me to join her for a celebration, which is what she calls her afternoon coffee break. Coffee in hand, we stopped into River & Road, a little gift shop, where we noticed a book on finding happiness – it had a shocking, not family-friendly title, which I cannot remember.  Then, we […]

Mindfulness Starts Now: A Connect In Playlist

During yoga nidra I would often fall asleep and worry I was “missing out” on the benefit of the practice. My teacher looked at me and said, “you think your ears don’t work while you’re asleep?”  Whether you are playing, listening or creating it, music is transcendent. I love this playlist because it’s curated to […]