Fifty–You are welcome

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Filled with amazement and wonder, I’m turning fifty years old this month.  Alas, I’m a quinqueagenerian (kwin-kwuh-juh-nair-ee-uhn)  When I was young, it seemed people who were fifty complained about their aches and pains all day. I’m thinking primarily of my grandmother who lived “up in the ‘hollar” in Pike County, Kentucky.

I wonder: Did she discover a purpose for herself after raising eight children? Did she continue to feed her soul and mind as she grew older?  In what ways did she contribute to younger generations?  I don’t know.  But I can tell you this; you won’t hear me bellyachin’ about anything.

Staring Fifty in the Face

Today, as I approach my own middle-age, I found an enlightening passage in Marianne Williamson’s book, “The Age of Miracles: Embracing The New Midlife that opened my soul.

“Midlife today is a second puberty of sorts. The experience, including its length, is being redefined. It is a period distinctly unlike youth, yet distinctly unlike old age. It doesn’t feel like a cruise to the end of our lives so much as a cruise, at last, to the meaning of our lives.

Now, the thought of a second puberty is rather dreadful, but as I reflect, I realize that all the experiences of my life have given me a unique gift. A unique meaning and purpose that doesn’t come so easily to many.  The ability to connect with every human being, everywhere.  Without judgement or contention. With only joy, love, and extreme acceptance.

With this beautiful, liberating birthday, I’ve discovered my specific purpose and key to true happiness is being in community and collaboration with others.  This enables me create, nurture, love and grow things/people/experiences.

At fifty, the things I don’t need are:

  • Minivan for taxiing the team all over the state.
  • High heels – because I just don’t feel like it.
  • Super-sized anything.

What I do need.

Belonging, well-being, community, growth, integrity, acceptance, brilliance, love, joy, and boots.  I really like Boot Life and their cool western boots.

When I was young, an 80’s girl, all I wanted were material things, cars, jewelry, clothes, and parties. Today, my life is fuller, deeper, and fully engaged with a community of friends who seek the same ideals I do.   Glad I survived it all.  Fifty was worth the wait!  And, I’m glad you’re here to read this too.

Now it’s your turn!

If I waved a magic wand, what does your future look like? And, how are you going to make that happen?