Permission to Glow and Change

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Imagine a first encounter in which someone tells you, “Look at change as a game.”


Cue eye roll.


I needed a minute. You see, I am not one of those people who is always reading self help books and setting new goals. I do not move through life like a crusader, on a constant quest of personal growth. 


My personality is more apt to be working hard, but then reading contemporary British fiction, looking for someone to steal away with me for a coffee break, and chatting about fun things. 


I love learning, and I have a few degrees to prove it, but I’d like learning new things to be easy. 


And swift. Sometimes change is not my favorite thing. It took me a minute.


Maybe this resonates with you too?


Then, I was asked, “What if you just need to shift your relationship with change?”


Strangely, the minute ended. All of a sudden, I liked what I was hearing. I connected with this invitation to shift my relationship with change.


That was my first encounter with Kristopher “KC” Carter.


We were at the TEDx Mansfield event, where he energized the crowd, sharing how he navigated his own personal transformation. He is now an executive coach, and “… has a front seat to others’ personal transformations.” Intrigued? Listen to his TEDx talk here.


Last spring, when I heard KC was releasing a book, I started clamoring for an advance copy. I was not the only one. He has made appearances on TV shows and podcasts, and his book has received positive feedback from what seems like a Who’s Who of corporate executives and thought leaders.


KC is an executive coach and he works with individuals and teams to nurture This Epic Life. A man of deep thoughtfulness and a keen sense of observation, KC coaches me and the entire Mind Body Align team to foster creativity, and also to keep us open to change and possibilities. This supports us in our quest to create mindfulness content and programs that are transformative. 


KC’s coaching is one method our team relies upon to change the game, both in our community and abroad, by creating and bringing to market mindfulness-based social-emotional learning to schools and businesses.  Every day our team works to create marvelous- programs that are engaging, effective, and benefit everyone.


In his new book, what I describe as a cross between self-help and Marvel comics, KC gives us all the Permission to Glow. He talks about when we resist change or we are protecting against our fears, and we inadvertently sabotage progress. Fast Company liked KC’s creative way of sharing the personalities that derail leadership- speedy rabbit and game face- so much they published an article about it.


Parade Magazine recently tapped KC for his thoughts on getting out of a career rut. KC said,  “When I’m working with anyone who finds themselves in a career rut, my first question is, ‘What are the aspects of your current job you actually enjoy?’ We can only start where we are. If every day, we’re dragging ourselves to some place we say we hate, that resistance will keep us stuck there. Chances are there are certain people or aspects of the job that have kept us there. Start with optimizing toward more of that, and less of what’s driving you crazy.” 


Wise words, right?


Together with Source Brand Solutions and Idea Works, Mind Body Align is hosting a pre-launch event for Permission To Glow – A Spiritual Guide To Epic Leadership on September 20, 2021 at Idea Works at 40 West Fourth Street, Mansfield Ohio. The book is still on pre-order, and so there will not be a signing. There will be live music, meditation, reading from the book, and more motivating, no-holds-barred conversation with KC. You’ll receive swag too! Because we are mindful, this event will be socially distant and masks will be worn. Use this link to register and learn more in the Facebook event here.


Have you watched the videos and checked out all the hyperlinks? Start listening to KC’s podcast. Why not? It is not like you are spending an hour on TIK TOK!