Navigate The River Of Life With Purpose And Intention

It is a crisp December day, and sunny as I walk. The surprisingly loud honks of geese can be heard over the crunch of gravel under my boots. I am alone at the moment, but I live on a farm with my husband, and lately our only visitors are coyote, deer, and the geese I […]

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays bring joy and (if we are being honest) chaos. Is your to-do list as long as mine? Our teaching schedules leave little time for holiday prep. My daughter told me I need a holiday survival guide, which got me thinking about how I could do the holidays better.  I sat down with my […]

Ditch the Holiday Hustle

With the hustle and bustle that surround us this time of year, it can feel exhausting to try to cut through the noise and find a moment of calm for ourselves. I love this post by Lysianne Unruh that asks 5 simple questions meant to help you focus on what matters most during the holidays. […]