Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

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The holidays bring joy and (if we are being honest) chaos. Is your to-do list as long as mine? Our teaching schedules leave little time for holiday prep. My daughter told me I need a holiday survival guide, which got me thinking about how I could do the holidays better. 

I sat down with my afternoon cup of tea, took a deep breath, and this is what I came up with,  my eight-step Holiday Survival Guide. 

8 steps to reduce holiday stress
8 Mindful ways to reduce stress during the holidays



Practice Mindful …

  1. Decorating – Isn’t it easy to go Pinterest-crazy all the time? Especially at Christmas! Be mindful. Take a moment to plan your time and choose decorating and crafts that bring joy- in the creation, the placement, and in reflection.
  2. Lesson Planning – Add more SEL to your teaching calendar!
  3. Assessments – Why trade a holiday Zoom with friends for grading a stack of papers? Lighten up your grading load by mindfully creating student work and assessments.
  4. Commitments – Learn to say no. This is the time to focus on the basics.
  5. Thoughts – Get into the holiday spirit with our playlist and our new holiday audio meditations. Try it free using the promo code HOLIDAZE2020, and feel free to share this with a friend!
  6. Cooking – Make the slow cooker your best friend- feel that joy of effortless dinner prep. While you are at it, plan to make extra for leftovers that can morph into another dinner.
  7. Collaboration – Work with teachers on your team; many hands make light work!
  8. Delegation – Let your students help. In doing so, they are also learning mindful collaboration skills, and the work gets done. It’s all good!

Mindful SEL is paying attention on purpose. It is essential to your holiday survival, to thrival (if I may coin a new word!) during the holiday. 

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