Boost your productivity with sound: a playlist for calm and focus

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Productivity is a hot buzz word in the world today. But how can one actually increase their output? One survey found that sound is key when it comes to productivity. According to a 2021 Spotify survey,” 87% of people believe productivity touches every aspect of their lives, from work and creative pursuits to managing a home and caring for a family,” and that curated sound “ helps individuals achieve certain moods, transform their environments, and get into the right frame of mind.” That’s why we’ve mindfully crafted the perfect playlist to help you focus and calm the mind. Give this playlist a listen the next time you need to crank out an important work project or when you need to focus extra attention on a creative task. 

Interested in learning more about the way sound works with mindfulness? Check out this lesson on our Teachers Pay Teachers account and help your students or kiddos tap into their senses through sound. Or, follow us on TikTok for bite-sized moments of mindfulness where you can use mindful listening to bring awareness to your day.