Mind Body Align brings new experiential professional development to educators

Mind Body Align, LLC, recently launched a first-ever blended learning educator professional development (PD) aimed at giving teachers an unforgettable experience that alleviates burnout and renews their passion for their work.

The National Education Association recently reported on the current educational climate, and a shocking 55% of teachers are considering leaving the profession. The article reported, “According to the NEA survey, 91 percent say that pandemic-related stress is a serious problem for educators and 90 percent of members say feeling burned out is a serious problem, with 67 percent saying it’s very serious.”

“Educators need tools which support their wellbeing and help manage stress,” said Caitlin DiLallo, a former Chicago-area principal who is now a member of the Mind Body Align team. “This new PD is an energizing experience teachers enjoy. It combines a live experience with online learning. The PD improves school culture because when the teacher practices, often the students follow the lead and soon everyone is back on task, teaching and learning.”

The PD makes it easy for school administrators to fit into inservice days and is flexible for busy teachers. This PD combines online interactive learning with live sessions with the Mind Body Align team of licensed teachers. Teachers earn continuing education units (CEUs). Follow this link for more information about the PD.

It is no surprise that one’s wellbeing at work is a basic human need. It has been reported in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology that mindfulness alone is the key to a sense of wellbeing at work.

“Mind Body Align’s new professional development gives principals and school leaders mindfulness-based in-service that fulfills the need to support wellbeing. This PD is a positive, enjoyable experience with benefits that expand across all aspects of life for educators,” said Annamarie Fernyak, founder of Mind Body Align.

Proven mental and physical health benefits of mindfulness include reduced stress, anxiety, and burnout, along with increased joy and job satisfaction. There are also proven health benefits, including decreased blood pressure, reduced gray matter in the brain, reduced risk of dementia, and more. These were recently proven in multiple studies involving serious life situations, including Parkinson’s Disease and cancer.

In data secured from surveys administered as a part of the Mind Body Align at School program, teachers express that when they pause to practice mindfulness during times of chaos in the classroom, it has the effect of helping the students pause, take time to breathe, and self-regulate. “When life in the classroom is disrupted or stressed, mindfulness brings us back to a place of awareness. We use our breath, and it allows us to focus on our own. Skills of self-regulation are critical to executive function,” said Julie Braumberger, a licensed teacher with over 20 years in primary education and the director of education for Mind Body Align.”

Mind Body Align was recently named a finalist for the Innovation Showcase by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). A part of the CODiE Awards, the Innovation Showcase highlights forward-thinking use of technology in education. Learn more about this nomination here.

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