Innovative EdTech: Wellness at ISTELive 2023

Innovative EdTech at ISTELive 2023: Wellness Matters

Welcome, fellow educators and tech enthusiasts! Join me on an exciting journey through ISTELive 2023, a conference that brought together education leaders, teachers, and more, for a transformative experience. Alongside my coworker, Linda Snyder, we explored the world of innovative EdTech and wellness at ISTELive 2023.  We discovered how industry giants are embracing wellness and […]

Richland County mindfulness educator named to SEL for Ohio leadership team

Mansfield, Ohio, February 9, 2023 – Growing mindfulness education company, Mind Body Align, LLC, today announced that Julie Braumberger, its Director of Education, was named to the leadership team of the Social Emotional Learning Alliance for Ohio (SEL4OH).   “The SEL4OH founding leadership team is thrilled to welcome a new cohort of SEL champions from […]

Mind Body Align brings new experiential professional development to educators

MANSFIELD, OHIO (PRWEB) JULY 18, 2022 Mind Body Align, LLC, recently launched a first-ever blended learning educator professional development (PD) aimed at giving teachers an unforgettable experience that alleviates burnout and renews their passion for their work. The National Education Association recently reported on the current educational climate, and a shocking 55% of teachers are considering leaving the […]

Funding for After School and Summer

When the US government made 89 million dollars of funding available for after school and summer programs for children to 161 community-based partners, they finally made it possible for educators to take action on a fact educators already knew but were without the means to support: children and families thrive when they have the continuous […]

New SEL Teacher Preps Pre-K Students for Great Start in School

Brenda Engelman launches pilot of Mind Body Align at School’s social and emotional learning program yielding positive learning outcomes Mindfulness is the missing piece in the social and emotional learning programs in most schools. We bring this piece into the classrooms- first to the teachers using our professional development.” — Brenda Engelman MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED […]

In the News: Mind Body Align at School’s Pre-K Program Named Finalist for Global Innovation Award

New Early Childhood Education Program Preps Kids for Academic Readiness The Mind Body Align team works daily to improve the executive functioning skills for students and educators.” — Jennifer Blue MANSFIELD, OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 30, 2022/ — Mind Body Align was recently recognized by SIIA for its newly piloted pre-Kindergarten social and emotional learning program when […]

Why Teachers Determine the Success of the SEL Program

Teacher stands with students demonstrating mindful practices

After decades of research, the evidence is clear: social emotional learning programs work. Students who learn social emotional skills perform better in school, sports, and in life. Social emotional learning is now a significant part of educating the whole child. Many school districts around the country are adopting curriculums to teach social emotional learning during […]

5 Things Mindful Teachers Do Differently

5 Things Mindful Teachers Do Differently   Mindful teachers can be found in many classrooms and in many schools around the world. And even though mindfulness has become a very popular and trendy practice from superstars to professional athletes, some of these teachers don’t even know that they are being mindful.    That’s the magic […]

Color for Calm: 3 Free Resources to Try Now!

coloring sheets to offer free coloring resources

Coloring can activate calm and settle your nervous system. That’s why we include it as a resource in our MBAwareness Educational Program. Teachers and students alike benefit from a few minutes of coloring for calm. According to this article by Positive Psychology, “mindfulness coloring allows us to switch off extraneous thoughts and focus on the […]